About Me



My name is Noha Saed and I live in a fairly small and extremely cozy town in Sweden, by the name of Jönköping. I studied Social Psychology at the University in Skövde and received my bachelor’s degree from there. Interesting enough, my field somehow drew me to the corporate world, probably because of the fact that Social Psychology mainly deals with the impact humans have on each other in society, which is my opinion is the foundation of business. The combination of Social Psychology and the corporate world caught my attention.  I’m therefore currently studying entrepreneurial business simultaneously with this course, to learn more about business and specifically entrepreneurship in a broader sense.

My ultimate goal is to engage in Social entrepreneurship and thereby start a business that combines my two biggest passions in life. I’m interested in this course, because I think that it will help me receive a deeper understanding of the topic, which in turn could potentially elevate my ideas for my future goal.

I hope this course will give us all a chance to attain fruitful discussions!

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